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MonoGame Ports

Here is information on all of the XNA to MonoGame ports that I have completed. If you have an old XNA game that you are interested in porting to MonoGame contact me via twitter @infspacestudios. I can work on the following platforms  iOS, Android, OUYA, Windows 10, Linux and MacOS.
Skulls of the Shogun Screenshot

Skulls of the Shogun Logo

Game – Skulls of the Shogun
Developer – 17 Bit
Platforms – Android, OUYA
Url :



Vector Rumble Logo


Game – Vector Rumble
Developer – Microsoft
Platforms – 
Mac Store (Mac, Linux, Windows)




Stared Valley Logo

sdvGame – Stardew Valley
Developer – ConcernedApe
Platforms – Steam (Mac/Linux)
Url :