Mobile and Game Development using C#

Indie Game Developers Get Xamarin iOS/Android for Free.

Xamarin announced something awesome yesterday.

Because we love seeing indie games succeed, Xamarin wants to support indie game developers all over the world in bringing their games to billions of mobile gamers. We want every indie game developer to enjoy the power of C# and Visual Studio, so we have an amazing special offer this December:

Free, community-supported subscriptions of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, including our Visual Studio extensions

Indie game developers only need to have published a game in any framework on any platform to qualify.

This is just fantastic news. If you have an app already on one of the many stores you will qualify, this includes Xbox Live! So all you XNA developers out there with game now have the perfect opportunity to move that game to MonoGame and publish on iOS, Android ,Windows 10, MacOS and Linux or even Apple TV!*

It is worth noting as well that porting you app to a Windows 10 Universal app will also allow your game to work on Xbox One (in the app section).

This offer expires on the 31st of December at 9pm ET , so make sure you apply before the deadline expires.

* Apple TV support was merged into the develop branch a few days ago.