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Just a guy who likes working on game development libraries in his spare time. Over 17 years development experience in C# .net and various other languages and platforms. A regular contributor to the open source MonoGame project which aims to bring the XNA API to Linux, Mac, PSM, Android, Ouya, iOS and PS4.

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  1. Dean, not sure if you thought about this regarding your lost web data, but your site is archived on the Way Back Machine. I found your Monogame/RPi page there so if you were inclined you could copy/paste it back on your site. Just a thought.

    Anyway, I’m running mono on the Rpi but am planning to start using Monogame/3D with it later this summer for a niche use. I see it listed on the roadmap as requiring more work…hopefully I’ll have time to contribute.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve written to Monogame team on twitter to know if there are any plans to support 3D Hololens apps via UWP and they sent me back to you. According to them, you did some work around this, are they right ? We are trying to port an old XNA project to Hololens (would be a perfect fit), without Unity3D, but not in a 2D window. We have done some tests with UWP template but the test stays in 2D. Are you able to help us a bit on that ?


    1. Hi

      Sorry for the late reply. I think someone in the community is working on it.
      I would have a god myself but I don’t have access to a device 🙁

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